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We are the Society of Computing and Information Science, a student organization for the University of Guelph's School of Computer Science. We run community building events from Hackathons to LANs. We also run one of the largest College Royale events, Roboticon. Come join us in the SOCIS office, Reynolds 0010, anytime.

Front of Reynolds, by Jason Swaby (by-nc-nd)

Computer Science

We are a group of Computer Science students working to help grow our community of programmers at the University of Guelph. We coordinate with the Guelph School of Computer Science in to help plan the future of our program. We also manage a number of on campus services for students like the SOCIS office which is a space for students to relax and do independant and group work.

Events Feed

There are not currently any upcoming events. Check out the Facebook and Twitter feeds to keep yourself up to date about all SOCIS news!

Community Building

We run events throughout the year to build the community in the Computer Science department at Guelph. In the past we have run Hackathons, LANs and Paintballing. We are always looking for new events to run so if you have any thing you'd like to see us do let us know!