CS Games 2019

About CS Games

CS Games is an annual team programming competition. It is an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to demonstrate their programming skills in representation of Guelph! Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 CS Games were cancelled. We look forward to renewing our tradition of competing at the next games!

The event is open to all University of Guelph undergraduate students in Computer Science & Software Engineering. In the past, registration & hotel costs has been covered by the SOCS department, transportation is the only cost involved.

Last year's event

Like in previous years, in 2019 SOCIS sent two (2) teams to the CS Games, one junior and one senior team. Challenges ranged from team software engineering, to reverse engineering and security, to sports and video games. It was held at Polytechnique University in Montreal.

Transportation was organized for all 20 students who attended. The travel costs were approximately $150 per person.


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