CS Games 2019

About CS Games

CS Games is an annual team programming competition. It is an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to demonstrate their programming skills in representation of Guelph! The CS Games 2019 will be hosted by Polytechnique Montreal from March 22–24!

The event is open to all University of Guelph undergraduate students in Computer Science & Software Engineering. In the past, registration & hotel cost has been covered by the SOCS department, transportation is the only cost involved.

Last year's event

Last year SOCIS sent two (2) teams to the CS Games 2018 event, one junior and one senior team. This was the biggest group of students that SOCIS has sent in a long time, and it was a lot of fun! Challenges ranged from team software engineering, to reverse engineering and security, to sports and video games. It was held at U Laval in Quebec City.

Transportation was organized for all 20 students who attended. The travel costs were approximately $150 per person.


If you are interested in registering for the team, send an email to csgames@socis.ca with the following info:

  • Subject line: "Name, School Year, CS Games applicant"
  • A blurb about why you want to go to CS Games/how you feel you will contribute to the team
  • Any programming languages you know, and how well you know them (please be honest!)
  • Past experience & relevant interests — Have you been to CS Games before?

Deadline for people interested is January 11, 2019. The team(s) will be announced around the start of the winter semester. Regular updates can be found on GryphSlack on the #csgames channel.


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